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Sebane Studios has worked on numerous projects in partnership with many clients over the years, as well as several independently developed projects.We specialize in games, virtual reality, mixed reality, and emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

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Zeta Companion

Zeta Companion is a community funded companion service intended for individuals who may not have access to somebody to talk to. We leverage the power of AI to allow for compelling and deep conversations using cutting edge speech recognition, and advanced generative AI speech.

Drywall Installation VR

Leveraging the power of virtual reality, learn about how to safely install drywall!Learn what personal protective equipment is required for optimal safety, how to cut drywall, and how to attach it to wall studs.

Plumbing Repair VR

Leveraging the power of virtual reality, learn about how to unclog a sink!Learn what personal protective equipment is required for optimal safety, how to disassemble pipes to get better access to removing a clog, using an auger to dislodge a clog, and pipe re-assembly.

Price Checking VR

Leveraging the power of virtual reality, voice recognition technology, and natural hand tracking learn about scanning code of practice!Learn how scanning code of practice is managed in a general store setting, and the steps that are taken to rectify a pricing dispute.

Older Projects

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About Us

Sebane Studios was originally founded in 2013 by Sebastian Lawe as a freelance company.Sebastian has over a decade worth of experience with programming, audio design, game engines, and creating complete and cohesive user experiences.They practice a wide range of creative disciplines that are effectively demonstrated in all their works with a desire to constantly grow and improve in the tech industry.They've worked with many clients as a freelancer and helped deliver several high quality educational products while they worked exclusively for other companies.Sebastian is now actively innovating in the space of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and mixed reality. They continue a mission of providing high quality educational and training products for clients who require them.

Privacy Policy

How We Handle Transcription Data

Some applications from Sebane Studios may send audio data to a server for the purposes of faster transcription of audio data. This audio data is encrypted via SSL and is destroyed after the transcription is made. Additionally the transcription is destroyed by the server after its sent back to application the user is using.On devices where there is sufficient processing power transcriptions are generated locally on the end users device and no audio data is sent to a server.We will never store audio data or transcriptions from the end user.

How We Handle Data Storage

Some applications from Sebane Studios may send data to a server for processing a response back to the application the user is using. This data is not stored on any servers for later re-use and is destroyed once the data is sent back to the users device. If user data needs to be stored, its stored locally on the end users device.

Our Stance On Data Collection

Sebane Studios will not collect or store any user data either by name or anonymously where possible. Exceptions to this would be user submitted reports for developers to review and take actions on based on the rules imposed by other platforms to remain compliant.In the scenario where we need to manage subscriptions we only store a users email address, and whether or not their subscription is still valid.